jubilee and ukambani election losers
jubilee lambs leaders

Without forgetting the saying "desperate times calls for desperate measures". Jubilee have just realised that the situation on the ground isn't just not favouring them but has also turned against them. Like adequately armed soldiers but without proper tactics and skills , jubilee are steadily losing territory. This leaves them with no choice but try and make new friends behind "enemies" lines thus engaging in cloak and dagger war.


Just a day after the nullification of the presidential results,the incumbent president went ahead to castigate the Judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya.He didn't just stop there,but further insisted that the judges were hooligans controlled by the Opposition.At some point he got carried by emotion and and vowed to revenge warning the Supreme Court Judges that they will face the music once he is elected back to office. Bad mistake he made, even the mad man in the market place has a family that will come to his rescue if need be.


The Presidents' rebuking of the Supreme Court Judges and mainly the CHIEF JUSTICE, Hon Justice David Maraga who is also the President of the Supreme Court angered his tribesmen.Residents of Kisii and Nyamira Counties took to the streets to demonstrate what they called Harassment and intimidation of their Son Justice Maraga  by the ruling party.

jubilee kiosk protestNASA on seeing the discontent among the people of Kisii and Nyamira, saw an opportunity to consolidate their support. Which of course they did in style,making sure they left no stone unturned .


jubilee and mamba leaderd

Next is the "cloak and dagger" politics played by Ukambani losers. Of course loser have got nothing to lose but everything to gain.But in this case , gain what..! Those who lost in the recently concluded elections , have bitter reservations against the winners . The only way to stab the winners in the back is opposing what the winners are supporting . But having lost seats that come with whole load of benefits and opportunities , the losers are looking for an alternative way to generate the benefits and opportunities that had eluded them. The only way to do that is by supporting the Jubilee Government . That is what one Nasa Politician called TUMBOCRACY . Thats what they might gain and that's if only the Jubilee party succeeds.


Then there is the Maa community . This community has in a long time consider Raila Odinga  as a Savior. Somebody who will come and save the community from the mass land grabbing in the area. The Maa community are mainly pastrolists , so losing their land is a great threat to their livelihood , so is the Jubilee Government. Mass land grabbing that has happened during the last five years of jubilee alone , is 50 times more of what had been grabbed since independency , in just 5 years.

NASA narok

The recent campaigns by NASA in Kajiado  and Narok pledged to counter land grabbing in the area. Thousands of supporters chanted "BABA BABA" as Railas  convoy rolled through Naroks  streets. This is contrary to want Jubilee campaigns experienced in the area. On one of jubilees campaigns,Narok  residents were seen and heard shouting down the President.



Lastly are the losers from the Abaluhya community . The losers who can be compared to a Rooster that behaves like a chick.. and has refused to crow. These leaders are driven by their selfish agendas and do not represent the peoples interest at heart. They want to compare themselves to the veteran politician who are seasoned fighers in the region. What a waits them is a spike pit that will leave their political careers bleeding.

A serious winner won't go after losers to prop him, but will either hold his ground and wait or go for an offensive to score. Jubilee is doing none of these. Whatever jubilee is trying to do is like buying a player who was ejected from a Premium team to a third tier team, really absurd. That's a liability not an asset.


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