Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria  has been arrested.The MP was arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.He is currently being detained in Pangani Police Station.


Moses kuria

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The Honorable MP was arrested because of posting some inflamatory remarks on his facebook page on 5th September 2017.The remarks he made caused an uproar from Kenyans across the country,with many claiming that he had gone to far this time.The post remarks quoted below,

Kiambu has spoken. They have said Wembe ni Ule Ule(the razor is the same one). Wangige and Kiambu people are seething with anger. 1 Million of their votes were cancelled by 4 people. But they are so ready to do it again. And even more. Manhunt is on tonight for the 200,000 people who did not vote and the 70,000 that voted for that other demon.

This isn't the first time for Moses Kuria  to find himself in the wrong side of the law.On February 2017 Moses Kuria along side the current Kiambu Governor Mr Ferdinand Waituti  were cleared of charges of Incitement.

Hate speech and incitement to cause violence and been an impunity that Politicians can't help do without.The arrest of the Gatundu South MP comes a few days, after the arrest and charging of a blogger from Kisii County.

The Countrys'  body charged with monitoring hate speech and Incitement,(NCIC) National Cohesion and integration Commissiom has been labelled a toothless dog.The Commission has been reluctant in calling for prosecution against Politicians and big fishes involved in the said crime.

Kenyans have on several occasion criticized the NCIC on the social media,with some calling for its disbandment as they say its a waste  of taxpayer money.